Jesper Witte Photography
Jesper Witte

I am a photographer with Gothenburg as starting point. Shooting both analog and digital. I work with assignments and my own projects.

In the rear view mirror, my crooked road to photography is a straight highway where each lane complement the other. From furniture design and fine carpentry to web and graphic design to qualified photographer.

Velouria, web design
In 2009, I founded the web agency Velouria and switched to digital communication and design. Velouria created graphic materials and websites.

Galleri Elf
In 2015, I founded the Gallery Elf together with Dan Isaac Wallin. A gallery for photo art in the center of Gothenburg. We had five great years with many appreciated exhibitions from well known photographers from all over the country (and abroad). In 2020 the gallery perminently closed.

Document an expression or moment or stage-manage an idea. I have a relaxed photo strategy, and love to catch a moment and I often use the natural light. Shooting portraits is probably my favorite. I love to capture the personality of an individual in a creative way.